Symposium structure

The seventeenth edition of the Sardinia Symposium included more than 583 presentations selected according to quality by the Programme Committee from over 850 offers of papers received.


The Symposium was structured in 8 parallel tracks, for a total of 90 oral sessions and 38 workshops (see the table below)

Parallel sessions A and B covered general topics of great interest, which were examined in details in sessions C, D, E, F, G and H. Workshops were primarily addressed to experts and seeded by a selected number of introductory lectures delivered in order to open discussion between participants. Session H featured our side events: IWWG Training Courses, Waste Architecture, Smart & Digital Waste Management and Companies Forum.

Posters were continuously accessible in a dedicated hall and discussed in the presence of authors on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon from 17:10 to 17:40.

  • WM Strategies and environmental issues

  • Sanitary landfilling

  • Biological treatment

  • Thermal treatment

  • Waste characterization, minimization & recycling

  • WM in DC’s

  • Non technical issues

  • Italian sessions

  • Side events

Monday 30 September 2019

9:00 - 13:00


Chair: Raffaello Cossu (IT)

15:30 - 17:10

session A1

Policies and strategies in waste management

Chair: T. Astrup (DK)

session B1

Landfill siting approaches

Chair: A. Lagerkvist (SE)

session D1

Strategies in waste thermal treatment

Chair: M. Nelles (DE)

session F1

Workshop: Gender perspectives in waste management

Chair: M.C. Lavagnolo (IT) / C. Trois (ZA)

session G1

Workshop: Strategies for landfill mining

Chair: J.C.H. Parrodi (BE)

session H1

IWWG Training Course: Monitoring of landfill gas emissions

Chairs: V. Wechselberger / M. Huber-Humer (AT)

17:40 - 19:20

session A2

Waste generation

Chair: A. Muntoni (IT)

session B2

Landfill planning and design

Chair: N. Sliusar (RU)

session C2

Strategies for bioenergy recovery from waste

Chair: L. Lombardi (IT)

session D2

Thermal treatment according to waste quality

Chair: H. Zhang (CN)

session E2

Waste Management sustainability in DCs

Chair: M. Alamgir (BD)

session F2

IWWG Young Roundtable

Chairs: F. Garbo (IT) / L. Zhang (CN)

session G2

Recycling of photovoltaic panels

Chair: I. Williams (UK)

session H2

IWWG Training Course: Leachate treatment

Chair: H.Robinson (UK)

Tuesday 01 October 2019

09:00 - 10:40

session A3

Waste Characterization I

Chair: M. Van Praagh (SE)

session B3

Landfill characterization and monitoring

Chair: T. Matsuto (JP)

session C3

Companies experiences

Chair: S. Andersson (SE)

session D3

Pyrolysis and gasification of biomass

Chair: U. Arena (IT)

session E3

Waste management in DC's - Case Studies

Chair: C. Trois (ZA)

session F3

Sewage sludge

E. Diamadopoulos (GR)

session G3

Workshop: Research on blue technologies

Chair: R. Cossu (IT)

session H3

Waste Architecture - New visions and perspectives

Chairs: A. Artuso, E. Cossu (IT)

11:10 - 12:50

session A4

Waste Characterization II

Chair: P. Hennebert (FR)

session B4

Landfill processes

Chair: T.H. Christensen (DK)

session D4

Sustainable management of secondary raw materials

Chair: F. Faleschini (IT)

session E4

Industrial waste - Strategies and treatment

Chair: F. Coulon (UK)

session F4

Sewage sludge as a resource

Chair: H. Wang (CN)

15:30 - 17:10

session A5

Separate collection

Chair: C. Cord'Homme (FR)

session B5

Landfill gas generation and modelling

Chair: M. Ritzkowski (DE)

session C5

Anaerobic digestion processes

Chair: J. Wong (HK)

session D5

Biochar from different residues

Chair: G. Lyberatos (GR)

session E5

Industrial waste - Recovery options

Chair: E. Gidarakos (GR)

session F5

Workshop: Landfill Mining - Myth and reality I

Chairs: C. Neculau / M. Popova (BE)

session H5

Waste Architecture - IWRECKS

Chair: S. Antoniadis (IT)

17:40 - 19:20

session A6

Segretation and collection

Chair: G. De Feo (IT)

session B6

Landfill gas emission monitoring

Chair: S. Thorneloe (US)

session C6

Anaerobic digestion of different substrates

Chair: W. Clarke (AU)

session D6

Flue gas treatment

Chair: D. Chen (CN)

session E6

Workshop: Industrial waste management and circular economy

Chairs: E. Gidarakos / M. Aivalioti (GR)

session F6

Workshop: Landfill Mining - Myth and reality II

Chairs: C. Neculau / M. Popova (BE)

Wednesday 02 October 2019

09:00 - 10:40

session A7

Circular Economy

Chair: I. Williams (UK)

session B7

Methane oxidation in biofilters and biocovers

Chair: P. Kjeldsen (DK)

session C7

Co-digestion of different substrates

Chair: G. Mancini (IT)

session D7

Characterization and treatment of bottom ash

Chair: S. Thorneloe (US)

session E7

Contaminated sites

R. Raga (IT)

session F7

Workshop: Waste and climate change I

Chair: C. Trois (ZA)

session H7

Waste Architecture DESIGN LAB

Chairs: A. Artuso, E. Cossu, S. Antoniadis (IT)

11:10 - 12:50

session A8

Policies in plastics management

Chair: M. Huber-Humer (AT)

session B8

PFAS and microplastics in landfill leachate

Chair: H. Robinson (UK)

session C8

Quality assessment of biostabilized waste

Chair: M. Kriipsalu (EE)

session D8

Recycling of bottom ash

Chair: J. Kumpiene (SE)

session E8

Waste management education

Chair: R. Stegmann (DE)

session F8

Workshop: Waste and climate change II

Chair: C. Trois (ZA)

session H8

Waste Architecture DESIGN LAB

Chairs: A. Artuso, E. Cossu, S. Antoniadis (IT)

15:30 - 17:10

session B9

Leachate from specific waste

Chair: D. Yue (CN)

session C9

Emissions from anaerobic digestion plants

Chair: C. Scheutz (DK)

session D9

Characterization and treatment of fly ash

Chair: A. Polettini (IT)

session F9

Workshop: Semiaerobic landfilling in developing countries

Chairs: M.C. Lavagnolo (IT) / Y. Matsufuji (JP)

session H9

Waste Architecture DESIGN LAB

Chairs: A. Artuso, E. Cossu, S. Antoniadis (IT)

17:40 - 19:20

session A10

Materials recovery

Chair: A. Alassali (DE)

session B10

Leachate treatment I

Chair: P. He (CN)

session C10


Chair: T. Shimaoka (JP)

session D10

Workshop: Economics of waste

Chair: J. Slavik (CZ)

session E10

Workshop: Hydrothermal carbonization

Chair: A. Schüch (DE)

session F10

Asbestos waste management and risks assessments

Chairs: G. Bonifazi / S. Serranti (IT)

session G10

Workshop: End of waste

Chairs: R. Cossu / A. Pivato (IT)

session H10

Waste Architecture DESIGN LAB

Chairs: A. Artuso, E. Cossu, S. Antoniadis (IT)

Thursday 03 October 2019

09:00 - 10:40

session A11

Automotive shredder residues

Chair: M.C. Zanetti (IT)

session B11

Landfill aeration

Chair: R. Cossu (IT)

session C11

WEEE - Collection and recycling

Chair: K. Shih (HK)

session D11

Biofuels from waste

Chair: A. Muntoni (IT)

session E11

Workshop: Forensic Engineering

Chairs: A. Pivato (IT), C. Gwinnett (UK), G.K. Varghese (IN)

session F11

Leachate characterization and treatment

Chair: H. Robinson (UK)

session G11

Workshop: Sustainable waste management at Universities I

Chairs: D. Prandstraller / E. Perotto (IT)

session H11

Smart & Digital Waste Management

Chair: S. Carosio (IT)

11:10 - 12:50

session A12

Food waste - Resources

Chair: G. Obersteiner (AT)

session B12

Landfill mining

Chair: R. Raga (IT)

session C12

WEEE - Metal recovery

Chair: G. Bonifazi (IT)

session D12

Plastics in marine ecosystems

Chair: M. Huber-Humer (AT)

session E12

Workshop: Environmental Crime Scene Analysis

Chairs: C. Gwinnett (UK), A. Pivato, F. Garbo, G. Beggio (IT), G.K. Varghese (IN)

session F12

Waste mangement in small islands

Chair: E. Diamadopoulos (GR)

session G12

Workshop: Sustainable waste management at Universities II

Chairs: D. Prandstraller / E. Perotto (IT)

session H12

Companies Forum

Chair: S. Carosio (IT)

15:30 - 17:10

session A13

Food waste recycling I

Chair: K. Watanabe (JP)

session B13

Landfill remediation and aftercare

Chair: R. Stegmann (DE)

session C13

C&D waste - Potentials

Chair: W. Lu (CN)

session D13

Workshop: Plastics and environment

Chair: C. Gwinnett (UK)

session E13

Workshop: Biorefineries

Chair: W. Clarke (AU)

session F13

Leachate treatment II

Chair: S. Dever (AU)

session G13

CIRS: la comunicazione nella gestione dei rifiuti

Chair: E. Perotto (IT)

17:40 - 19:20

session A14

Food waste recycling II

Chair: S. Scherhaufer (AT)

session C14

C&D waste - Properties

Chair: M. Pasetto (IT)

session D14

Plastic waste - New products

Chair: F. Di Maria (IT)

session E14

Workshop: Biological treatment of animal waste

Chair: E. Gidarakos (GR)

session G14

CIRS - Comitato Interdisciplinare Rifiuti e salute: attività

Chairs: R. Cossu / M. Ferrante (IT)

Friday 04 October 2019

09:00 - 10:40

session A15

LCA in Waste Management

Chair: T. Astrup (DK)

session B15

End of life textiles management

Chair: P. Hennebert (FR)

session C15

Workshop: Food waste prevention

Chair: G. Obersteiner (AT)

session D15

Workshop: Social aspects of environmental issues

Chair: R. Stegmann (DE)

session E15

Workshop: Biological degradation of bioplastics

Chair: M. C. Lavagnolo (IT)

session F15

Workshop: The science of landfill completion

Chair: R. Gregory (UK)

session H15

Workshop: Medical waste management

Chair: T. Gladding (UK)

11:10 - 12:50

session C16

Workshop: Food waste - Social aspects

Chair: G. Obersteiner (AT)

session D16

Workshop: Waste and health

Chair: M. Ferrante (IT)

session E16

Workshop: Long term behaviour of landfill barriers

Chair: D. Cazzuffi (IT)

session F16

Solid waste management in emergencies

Chair: R. Raga (IT)

15:30 - 17:30


Chair: R. Stegmann (DE)