Symposium structure

The seventeenth edition of the Sardinia Symposium will last 5 days and will include more than 570 presentations selected according to quality by the Programme Committee from over 790 offers of papers received.


The Symposium is structured in 8 parallel tracks, for a total of 90 oral sessions and 38 workshops (see the table below)

Parallel sessions A and B will cover general topics of great interest, which will be examined in details in sessions C, D, E, F, G and H. Workshops are primarily addressed to experts and seeded by a selected number of introductory lectures delivered in order to open discussion between participants. Session H will feature also our side events: IWWG Training Courses, Waste Architecture, Smart & Digital Waste Management and Companies Forum.

Posters will be continuously accessible in a dedicated hall and discussed in the presence of authors on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon from 17:10 to 17:40.

The Symposium registration desk and speakers’ room will officially open on Sunday 29th September from 16:00 to 19:00. Opening times for the rest of the week are: 8.30-19.40. 

  • WM Strategies and environmental issues

  • Sanitary landfilling

  • Biological treatment

  • Thermal treatment

  • Waste characterization, minimization & recycling

  • WM in DC’s

  • Non technical issues

  • Italian sessions

  • Side events

Monday 30 September 2019

9:00 - 13:00


Chair: Raffaello Cossu (IT)

15:30 - 17:10

session A1

Policies and strategies in waste management

Chair: T. Astrup (DK)

session B1

Landfill siting approaches

Chair: A. Lagerkvist (SE)

session D1

Strategies in waste thermal treatment

Chair: M. Nelles (DE)

session F1

Workshop: Gender perspectives in waste management

Chair: M.C. Lavagnolo (IT) / C. Trois (ZA)

session G1

Workshop: Strategies for landfill mining

Chair: J.C.H. Parrodi (BE)

session H1

IWWG Training Course: Monitoring of landfill gas emissions

Chairs: V. Wechselberger / M. Huber-Humer (AT)

17:40 - 19:20

session A2

Waste generation

Chair: A. Muntoni (IT)

session B2

Landfill planning and design

Chair: N. Sliusar (RU)

session C2

Strategies for bioenergy recovery from waste

Chair: L. Lombardi (IT)

session D2

Thermal treatment according to waste quality

Chair: H. Zhang (CN)

session E2

Waste Management sustainability in DCs

Chair: M. Alamgir (BD)

session F2

IWWG Young Roundtable

Chairs: F. Garbo (IT) / L. Zhang (CN)

session G2

Recycling of photovoltaic panels

Chair: I. Williams (UK)

session H2

IWWG Training Course: Leachate treatment

Chair: H.Robinson (UK)

Tuesday 01 October 2019

09:00 - 10:40

session A3

Waste Characterization I

Chair: M. Van Praagh (SE)

session B3

Landfill characterization and monitoring

Chair: T. Matsuto (JP)

session C3

Companies experiences

Chair: S. Andersson (SE)

session D3

Pyrolysis and gasification of biomass

Chair: U. Arena (IT)

session E3

Waste management in DC's - Case Studies

Chair: C. Trois (ZA)

session F3

Sewage sludge

E. Diamadopoulos (GR)

session G3

Workshop: Research on blue technologies

Chair: R. Cossu (IT)

session H3

Waste Architecture - New visions and perspectives

Chairs: A. Artuso, E. Cossu (IT)

11:10 - 12:50

session A4

Waste Characterization II

Chair: P. Hennebert (FR)

session B4

Landfill processes

Chair: T.H. Christensen (DK)

session D4

Sustainable management of secondary raw materials

Chair: F. Faleschini (IT)

session E4

Industrial waste - Strategies and treatment

Chair: F. Coulon (UK)

session F4

Sewage sludge as a resource

Chair: H. Wang (CN)

15:30 - 17:10

session A5

Separate collection

Chair: C. Cord'Homme (FR)

session B5

Landfill gas generation and modelling

Chair: M. Ritzkowski (DE)

session C5

Anaerobic digestion processes

Chair: J. Wong (HK)

session D5

Biochar from different residues

Chair: G. Lyberatos (GR)

session E5

Industrial waste - Recovery options

Chair: E. Gidarakos (GR)

session F5

Workshop: Landfill Mining - Myth and reality I

Chairs: C. Neculau / M. Popova (BE)

session H5

Waste Architecture - IWRECKS

Chair: S. Antoniadis (IT)

17:40 - 19:20

session A6

Segretation and collection

Chair: G. De Feo (IT)

session B6

Landfill gas emission monitoring

Chair: S. Thorneloe (US)

session C6

Anaerobic digestion of different substrates

Chair: W. Clarke (AU)

session D6

Flue gas treatment

Chair: D. Chen (CN)

session E6

Workshop: Industrial waste management and circular economy

Chairs: E. Gidarakos / M. Aivalioti (GR)

session F6

Workshop: Landfill Mining - Myth and reality II

Chairs: C. Neculau / M. Popova (BE)

Wednesday 02 October 2019

09:00 - 10:40

session A7

Circular Economy

Chair: I. Williams (UK)

session B7

Methane oxidation in biofilters and biocovers

Chair: P. Kjeldsen (DK)

session C7

Co-digestion of different substrates

Chair: G. Mancini (IT)

session D7

Characterization and treatment of bottom ash

Chair: S. Thorneloe (US)

session E7

Contaminated sites

R. Raga (IT)

session F7

Workshop: Waste and climate change I

Chair: C. Trois (ZA)

session H7

Waste Architecture DESIGN LAB

Chairs: A. Artuso, E. Cossu, S. Antoniadis (IT)

11:10 - 12:50

session A8

Policies in plastics management

Chair: M. Huber-Humer (AT)

session B8

PFAS and microplastics in landfill leachate

Chair: H. Robinson (UK)

session C8

Quality assessment of biostabilized waste

Chair: M. Kriipsalu (EE)

session D8

Recycling of bottom ash

Chair: J. Kumpiene (SE)

session E8

Waste management education

Chair: R. Stegmann (DE)

session F8

Workshop: Waste and climate change II

Chair: C. Trois (ZA)

session H8

Waste Architecture DESIGN LAB

Chairs: A. Artuso, E. Cossu, S. Antoniadis (IT)

15:30 - 17:10

session B9

Leachate from specific waste

Chair: D. Yue (CN)

session C9

Emissions from anaerobic digestion plants

Chair: C. Scheutz (DK)

session D9

Characterization and treatment of fly ash

Chair: A. Polettini (IT)

session F9

Workshop: Semiaerobic landfilling in developing countries

Chairs: M.C. Lavagnolo (IT) / Y. Matsufuji (JP)

session H9

Waste Architecture DESIGN LAB

Chairs: A. Artuso, E. Cossu, S. Antoniadis (IT)

17:40 - 19:20

session A10

Materials recovery

Chair: A. Alassali (DE)

session B10

Leachate treatment I

Chair: P. He (CN)

session C10


Chair: T. Shimaoka (JP)

session D10

Workshop: Economics of waste

Chair: J. Slavik (CZ)

session E10

Workshop: Hydrothermal carbonization

Chair: A. Schüch (DE)

session F10

Asbestos waste management and risks assessments

Chairs: G. Bonifazi / S. Serranti (IT)

session G10

Workshop: End of waste

Chairs: R. Cossu / A. Pivato (IT)

session H10

Waste Architecture DESIGN LAB

Chairs: A. Artuso, E. Cossu, S. Antoniadis (IT)

Thursday 03 October 2019

09:00 - 10:40

session A11

Automotive shredder residues

Chair: M.C. Zanetti (IT)

session B11

Landfill aeration

Chair: R. Cossu (IT)

session C11

WEEE - Collection and recycling

Chair: K. Shih (HK)

session D11

Biofuels from waste

Chair: A. Muntoni (IT)

session E11

Workshop: Forensic Engineering

Chairs: A. Pivato (IT), C. Gwinnett (UK), G.K. Varghese (IN)

session F11

Leachate characterization and treatment

Chair: H. Robinson (UK)

session G11

Workshop: Sustainable waste management at Universities I

Chairs: D. Prandstraller / E. Perotto (IT)

session H11

Smart & Digital Waste Management

Chair: S. Carosio (IT)

11:10 - 12:50

session A12

Food waste - Resources

Chair: G. Obersteiner (AT)

session B12

Landfill mining

Chair: R. Raga (IT)

session C12

WEEE - Metal recovery

Chair: G. Bonifazi (IT)

session D12

Plastics in marine ecosystems

Chair: M. Huber-Humer (AT)

session E12

Workshop: Environmental Crime Scene Analysis

Chairs: C. Gwinnett (UK), A. Pivato, F. Garbo, G. Beggio (IT), G.K. Varghese (IN)

session F12

Waste mangement in small islands

Chair: E. Diamadopoulos (GR)

session G12

Workshop: Sustainable waste management at Universities II

Chairs: D. Prandstraller / E. Perotto (IT)

session H12

Companies Forum

Chair: S. Carosio (IT)

15:30 - 17:10

session A13

Food waste recycling I

Chair: K. Watanabe (JP)

session B13

Landfill remediation and aftercare

Chair: R. Stegmann (DE)

session C13

C&D waste - Potentials

Chair: W. Lu (CN)

session D13

Workshop: Plastics and environment

Chair: C. Gwinnett (UK)

session E13

Workshop: Biorefineries

Chair: W. Clarke (AU)

session F13

Leachate treatment II

Chair: S. Dever (AU)

session G13

CIRS: la comunicazione nella gestione dei rifiuti

Chair: E. Perotto (IT)

17:40 - 19:20

session A14

Food waste recycling II

Chair: S. Scherhaufer (AT)

session C14

C&D waste - Properties

Chair: M. Pasetto (IT)

session D14

Plastic waste - New products

Chair: F. Di Maria (IT)

session E14

Workshop: Biological treatment of animal waste

Chair: E. Gidarakos (GR)

session G14

CIRS - Comitato Interdisciplinare Rifiuti e salute: attività

Chairs: R. Cossu / M. Ferrante (IT)

Friday 04 October 2019

09:00 - 10:40

session A15

LCA in Waste Management

Chair: T. Astrup (DK)

session B15

End of life textiles management

Chair: P. Hennebert (FR)

session C15

Workshop: Food waste prevention

Chair: G. Obersteiner (AT)

session D15

Workshop: Social aspects of environmental issues

Chair: R. Stegmann (DE)

session E15

Workshop: Biological degradation of bioplastics

Chair: M. C. Lavagnolo (IT)

session F15

Workshop: The science of landfill completion

Chair: R. Gregory (UK)

session H15

Workshop: Medical waste management

Chair: T. Gladding (UK)

11:10 - 12:50

session C16

Workshop: Food waste - Social aspects

Chair: G. Obersteiner (AT)

session D16

Workshop: Waste and health

Chair: M. Ferrante (IT)

session E16

Workshop: Long term behaviour of landfill barriers

Chair: D. Cazzuffi (IT)

session F16

Solid waste management in emergencies

Chair: R. Raga (IT)

15:30 - 17:30


Chair: R. Stegmann (DE)