Landfill remediation and aftercare

SESSION B13 / CENTRAL HALL 2 / 15:30 - 17:10
Landfill remediation and aftercare
Chair / Presidente: R. Stegmann (DE)

R.G. Gregory, H. Robinson, T. Robinson (UK)
The science of landfill surrender

R. Lansley, S. Nazaruk, K. Wilson (UK)
A case study of environmental investigation, interpretation and remediation of a source of leachate contamination for a landfill in Gloucestershire, UK

S. Dever, P. Lightbody, M. Winser (AU)
Provisioning for landfill closure and post-closure management costs: an Australian case study

R. Stegmann (DE)
Landfill sites as energy provider for aftercare and associated WM facilities

R. Stegmann (DE)
Landfill aftercare in times of climate change

J. Domizi, E. Fratalocchi, M. Felici, F. Pasqualini (IT)
Hydraulic performance of traditional and special cement bentonite mixtures in sulphate solutions

J. Wu (CN)
Sustainable management of dumping site in China: problems and developments in mining and reuse projects

17:10 - 17:40 Coffee break + Poster discussion