Call for workshops

We are pleased to announce the opening of a call for workshop proposals, to be integrated into the main Symposium Programme.

Workshops, some of them purposely made in connection with IWWG tasks groups, have always played a key role in the organization of Sardinia Symposia, providing a place where topics presented during oral sessions can be examined in greater detail and the hottest issues in the field of waste management appropriately discussed.
The requirements to organise your workshop are:

  • All participants must be registered as conference participants
  • Event title and list of speakers have to be provided by a fixed deadline

As their emphasis is on critical discussion and detailed exploration of a topic, workshops are primarily addressed to experts and seeded by a selected number of introductory lectures delivered in order to open discussion between participants.
Proposals can focus on topics which are currently rising to the forefront of waste management discussion, ongoing research projects, controversial subjects as well as issues of general interest.

Proposals should be submitted as a PDF file by email to by 15th February and include the following details:

  • Organiser/s (name, surname, affiliation, email address)
  • Workshop Title
  • Short Description / Scope of the Workshop (6-10 lines)
  • List of speakers available to deliver short introductory presentations
  • Number of expected attendees

A final report of the workshop should be sent to the Organising Sectretariat after the conference for publication on the official symposium website.