Paper submission

PREPARATION OF FINAL PAPERS - deadline for submission: 28th May 2021

Following notification of acceptance of the abstract submitted to the Symposium, all Authors (including those scheduled for poster presentations) are requested to provide the following:

  • A paper, typed and edited strictly in accordance with our Paper Template
  • A short Curriculum Vitae of the author who is going to present the paper at the Symposium (maximum 10 lines)
  • A signed copy of the Copyright Assignment Form

Files of papers (Word format, not PDF, as they undergo a process of editing before publication in Symposium proceedings) and CVs should be submitted using the online form. Final papers must reflect the contents of the abstract originally submitted. There is no maximum length imposed on papers. Proper English must be used. If necessary, the paper should be checked by a native English speaker with expertise in the field.

Please note that the Organising Secretariat will confirm receipt of all papers. Authors not receiving an e-mail notifying receipt of their paper should check with the Secretariat to ensure their paper has been effectively received.

Please avoid double submission. If you need to update your paper, please contact the Organising Secretariat at