WEEE - Metal recovery

SESSION C12 / PANORAMA HALL / 11:10 - 12:50
WEEE - Metal recovery
Chair / Presidente:

M.F. Godoy León, G.A. Blengini, J. Dewulf (BE)
Recycling of cobalt in end-of-life products - The MaTrace approach

M. Dunker, H. Hiller, M. Beckmann (DE)
Bromine recovery for the polymer fraction of waste electronical and electrical equipment by thermal treatment in an internal circulating fluidized bed reactor

Y. Zhou, C. Liao, K. Shih (HK)
Combined iron oxide and calcium carbonate addi-tives to immobilize lead in cathode ray tube (CRT) funnel glass

I.V. Moreira, L.H. Yamane, R.R. Siman (BR)
Influence of printed circuit boards’ components on acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans-LR growth

L. Călin, A. Cătinean, M. Bilici, A. Samuilă (RO)
Recovery of zinc and brass from spent alkaline and zinc-carbon batteries