Workshop: Forensic Engineering

SESSION E11 / / 09:00 - 10:40
Workshop: Forensic Engineering
Chair / Presidente: A. Pivato (IT), C. Gwinnett (UK), G.K. Varghese (IN)

This workshop is aimed at giving a broad introduction to the new science of Environmental Forensic Engineering and facilitate discussion about key current issues.

The first part of the workshop (1 h) is dedicated to the introduction of the following concepts:
• A. Pivato. Introduction to environmental forensic engineering: definitions, aims, and applications.
• A. Pivato. Announcement for the constitution of a new international group on Environmental Forensic Science.
• G.K. Varghese. Presentation of a guideline on selecting pollution signatures for environmental forensic investigation.
• C. Gwinnett. Presentation of basics in crime scene analysis: scene documentation, sampling and continuity of evidence, evidence packaging & labelling, etc.
• T. Nigl, W. Rübenbauer, R. Pomberger (AT)
Cause-oriented investigation of the fire incidents in Austrian waste management systems

The second part of the workshop will be opened to a guideddiscussion of the new research topics: biasis in environmental forensics, correlation VS causation, new environmental crimes, etc.
The discussion will be promoted and animated through the use of the padlet platform (www. to which all the particpants are invited to register. The discussions will involve an introduction to the topic with some particular questions for the delegates to consider and provide ideas via the interactive padlet platform as well as traditional discussion methods. Each topic will be summarised into key learning points for that topic.

The workshop will be preparatory for the following crime scene investigations (session E12) that will be held outside.

10:40 - 11:10 Coffee break