Workshop: Fast fashion Vs Circular Economy

SESSION G05 / 10 October 2023 / 15:00 - 16:30

Workshop: Fast fashion Vs Circular Economy

Chair / Presidente: Andreas Bartl (AT)

On the one hand the EU has put focus on textiles waste. As such the waste framework directive has been amended (e. g. defining textiles as municipal waste, separate collection by 2025) and the EU textile strategy has been announced as well in 2022. As a result, textile recycling processes must be established and measures taken to reduce the amount of textile waste. Among other things, durability, repairability or reuse of textiles must be fostered by EU member states. On the other hand, the fast-fashion business model has become more and more established in recent years. Fashion collections are brought to market at ever shorter intervals, with the quality and price of the items becoming lower and lower. An increase is now the "super-fast fashion", where a single company in the online trade puts several thousand new clothing items at dumping prices on the market daily. This fuels the sales and profits of the companies. At the same time, this business model causes enormous environmental impacts and is only possible disregarding social standards. This workshop will explore the question of how to reconcile these two controversial developments. Which measures could be suitable to move the apparel industry towards more sustainability? What role can EPR play? Can this problem be solved by means of technology or are ethical approaches necessary? Introductory lectures:

  • A. Bartl (AT)

    General introduction to the topic

  • W. Ipsmiller (AT)

    From fast fashion to super-fast fashion

  • A. Bartl, W. Ipsmiller (AT)

    Fast fashion versus circular economy: an exciting match?