Workshop: Management of C&D Waste

SESSION D09 / 13 October 2021 / 15:00 - 16:30

Workshop: Management of C&D Waste

Chair / Presidente: Oumaya Marzouk (FR), Issam Srour (LB), Gaetano Di Mino (IT)

In developed countries, there is a growing interest and understanding of the social, environmental, and economic impact of C&D waste management. This is leading to a growth in the recycling market alleviating the pressure on landfills. In contrast, developing & lower-income countries (DLIC) fall behind in terms of recycling and, generally, in implementing effective C&D waste management practices. Large amounts of waste are sent to landfills and, in some countries, even larger amounts are dumped illegally in environmentally sensitive areas (e.g., riverbeds, hillsides). As the management of C&D waste is a multidimensional issue that incorporates political, institutional, social, environmental, and economic aspects, practitioners and researchers in DLICs should focus on these different aspects to design and implement a sustainable management system. Therefore, the objective of the first part of this workshop is to discuss and share findings on: Good C&D waste management practices and feedback / Political instrument / C&D supply chain and logistics / Economic aspects / Sustainable development approach / Adapted technological transfer / C&D waste management standards and tools. The C&D waste, considered as a resource for road construction, is the second issue of this workshop. The valorization of these secondary materials strictly depends on the demand of stakeholders such as companies and road authorities for new infrastructures and for the maintenance of existing ones. Therefore, with the aim of implementing circular economic models in the road construction sector, it is needed to know the potential market of this material within the road construction sector of DLICs. The goals of the second part are: The relation supply demand of aggregates in road construction / The production of C&D waste over historical series / The expected production of C&D waste over the next 5 years / Boundaries and limits for recycling of C&D waste in road construction sector. Introductory lectures:

  • M. Majdoub (IT)

    Circular economy in developing countries: opportunities and barriers

  • G. Mammo Zagarella (IT)

    The recycled materials in the road construction industry: EU legislation and its implementation in Italy towards the green transition

  • F. Ruggieri (IT)

    An Italian full-scale application of Circular Economic model from a Road Authority point of view: valorisation of secondary raw materials

  • Z. Jaouadi (TN)

    Using recycled materials in roadway construction industry in Tunisia

  • J. Neji (FR)

    There is a lack of aggregates in Tunisia, statistics confirm this! Should we think about the substitution?

  • O. Yazoghli Marzouk (FR)

    Cooperation as a solution for the implementation of C&DW circular economy