WEEE - Collection and recycling

SESSION C11 / PANORAMA HALL / 09:00 - 10:40
WEEE - Collection and recycling
Chair / Presidente: K. Shih (HK)

A.Y. Wilkinson, I.D. Williams (UK)
Why do (W)EEE hoard? the effect of consumer behaviour on the release of (W)EEE from home entertainment products into the circular economy

G. Bonifazi, R. Gasbarrone, R. Palmieri, S. Serranti (IT)
Plastic identification from end of life flat monitors by hyperspectral imaging methods

A. Sharma, Arvind K. Nema (IN)
Performance evaluation of waste lithium-ion battery recycling technologies using multi criteria decision analysis (MCDA) methods

J. Yu (CN)
Synergistic effect of grinding characteristics between LiCoO2 and graphite on their recycling process from spent lithium-ion batteries

A. Winterstetter, U. Kral (BE)
WEEE collection and recycling - A resource classi-fication approach for the circular economy

10:40 - 11:10 Coffee break