Leachate treatment I

SESSION B10 / CENTRAL HALL 2 / 17:40 - 19:20
Leachate treatment I
Chair / Presidente: P. He (CN)

H. Robinson, I. Hopewell, A. Brooks, J. Olufsen, T. Robinson (UK)
Full scale treatment of strong, methanogenic leachates, with full nitrification and denitrification, at Bletchley landfill site, UK

S. Dever, J. Gray, M. Winser (AU)
Design, construction, and commissioning of the Kimbriki landfill leachate treatment plant: an Australian case study

T. Saur, E. Wong, J. C. Alibar, E. Ip, O. Oberti, B. Barillon (FR)
Deammonification as a low opex biological treatment of nitrogen in mature leachates

R. Eden, M. Moulden, J. Westwood, T. Thomas (UK)
Waste-heat driven thermal ammonia stripping as a means of ammoniacal nitrogen control