Workshop: Socio-economic and environmental aspects of food waste management

SESSION D04 / 12 October 2021 / 11:00 - 12:30

Workshop: Socio-economic and environmental aspects of food waste management

Chair / Presidente: Silvia Scherhaufer (AT)

The evaluation of socio-economic and environmental benefits (or gains) and efforts of implementing innovations for food waste prevention and reduction is critical for taking informed decisions. However, evaluation methods often face challenges when implemented in practice. Methodological robustness (e.g. precision of measurements, availability of time series data, representativeness of data samples, appropriate data validation, management of different types of uncertainty) may hinder the feasibility in practice (costs, data availability, time). The goal is to find the balance between theorical robustness and feasibility of implementation. This workshop will examine the challenges of evaluation based on practical examples. The aim of the workshop is to discuss within the scientific community common challenges of evaluation and to share experiences of how to overcome them. Challenges shall be identified and discussed along practical examples which are being implemented in current EU funded projects such as the Horizon 2020 project LOWINFOOD and other innovation actions funded under the same call. Participants from around the world are invited to join the workshop and to share their experiences to accumulate knowledge on the evaluation of food waste prevention activities. Introductory lectures:

  • C. Cicatiello (IT)

    Rationale and practical implementation of measures against food waste

  • K. Lasaridi, C. Chroni (GR)

    Establishing food waste baselines: challenges and options

  • C. Giordano (IT)

    Evaluation of the efficacy

  • N. Koseoglu (GB)

    Evaluation of socio-economic impacts

  • S. Scherhaufer (AT)

    Evaluation of environmental impacts