Materials recovery

SESSION A10 / CENTRAL HALL / 17:40 - 19:20
Materials recovery
Chair / Presidente: A. Alassali (DE)

A. Mrotzek-Bloess, A. Haas, D. Goldmann, J. Nuortila-Jokinen, J. Kulczycka, M. Smol, E. Pędziwiatr, M. Petranikova, B. Ebin (DE)
On the way to a circular economy: obstacles and challenges in the metal value chain

R. Warrings, J. Fellner (AT)
New recycling targets for aluminium packaging - A comparison of waste management strategies in selected European member states

B. Ebin, L. Bauhn, M. Tao, B.- M. Steenari (SE)
Recovery of silver from flexible thin-film solar panels

M. Borzęcka , A.L. Fernando, J. Costa, D. Boulday, P. Antoine , M. Cocchi, L. Bern, H. Forsgren, L. Detterfelt, K. Supancic, M. Marinova (PL)
European wood waste platform - Best practices in wood waste management

R. Oliveira (BR)
Intelligent reverse logistic: case study on glass recovery in São Paulo