Landfill aeration

SESSION B11 / CENTRAL HALL 2 / 09:00 - 10:40
Landfill aeration
Chair / Presidente: R. Cossu (IT)

M. Huber-Humer, M. Fritz, M. Hrad (AT)
An approach to benchmark in-situ aeration projects

H. Lammen, A. Van Zomeren, J. J. Dijkstra, R.N.J. Comans (NL)
Sustainable landfill management: solid waste sampling and geochemical characterization prior to (an)aerobic stabili-zation of three old landfills

M. Ritzkowski, K. Kuchta, R. Stegmann, B. Walker (DE)
Opportunities and challeng-es of-full-scale landfill aeration

E. Binner, A. Pukhnyuk, P. Lechner, M. Huber-Humer (AT)
Carbon sink landfill - Influence of aerobisation on carbon content

V. Grossule, M.C. Lavagnolo (IT)
Semi-aerobic landfilling under different waste and water availability conditions

10:40 - 11:10 Coffee break