Food waste recycling I

SESSION A13 / CENTRAL HALL / 15:30 - 17:10
Food waste recycling I
Chair / Presidente: K. Watanabe (JP)

C. Peñalva, J. Vidal, S. Verstichel, P. Fajs, V. Žepič Bogataj, M. Cruz Arcas (ES)
Revalorization strategies for the use of citrus waste in green packaging and cosmetics

G. Hafner, D. Leverenz, K. Owusu-Sekyere, M. Kranert (DE)
Food waste from bakeries: management strategies and quantification of food waste

K. Little, W. R. Jackson, A. Swann, A. Patti (AU)
Options for dealing with cooking oils and grease-trap waste

G. Vega Rodriguez, M. Monzon, N. Diaz (ES)
LIFE BAQUA - Solutions through the new use for a waste of banana crop to develop products in aquaculture and plastics sector

F. Ali, C. Trois (ZA)
A methodological application for the optimisation of Berea red sand as reactant in permeable reactor barrier systems for the treatment of high strength landfill leachate: focus on activation methods

17:10 - 17:40 Coffee break + Poster discussion