Workshop: Hydrothermal carbonization

SESSION E10 / / 17:40 - 19:20
Workshop: Hydrothermal carbonization
Chair / Presidente: A. Schüch (DE)

The very old HTC technology is successfully implemented in practice plants and research and development is still in process to optimize it. But is the hydrothermal carbonization a true panacea or a promising technology with pros and cons? This workshop should find answers to this and other questions and lead to a fruitfully exchange of experiences. The workshop participants will also discuss about quality parameters for hydrochars, collect ideas how an “end of waste” of hydrochars from waste could be defined and identify what are the most valuable HTC products and which sources are best suitable for that.

Introductory lectures:

M. Nelles, M. Klemm, J. Köchermann, T. Lühmann (DE)
Status and prospects of hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) for biogenic waste and residues

M.L. Mastellone, L. Zaccariello, R. Lotito, D. Battaglia (IT)
An experimental study on hydrothermal carbonization of anaerobic digestion residue