Landfill mining

SESSION B12 / CENTRAL HALL 2 / 11:10 - 12:50
Landfill mining
Chair / Presidente: R. Raga (IT)

J.C. Hernández Parrodi, K. Raulf, D. Vollprecht, T. Pretz, R. Pomberger (BE)
Mechanical processing of fine fractions from landfill mining for material and energy recovery

M. Somani, M. Datta, G. V. Ramana, T.R. Shreekrishnan (IN)
Feasibility of bulk re-use of soil-like material excavated from a MSW dump: case study of Okhla landfill, India

G. Sauve, K. Van Acker (BE)
Integrating life cycle assessment and risk assess-ment to define a consistent reference scenario in the environmental feasibility assessment of (en-hanced) landfill mining

P. Einhäupl, K. Van Acker, S. Van Passel (BE)
Integrating societal impacts into en-hanced landfill mining assessment

C. Neculau , F. Nguyen , D. Caterina, I. Isunza Manrique and the RAWFILL team (BE)
Innovative landfill characterization: the case study of Onoz landfill (Wallonia, Belgium)

S. Cappa, A. Ribaudo, M. Severgnini (IT)
Landfill mining applications on aggregate landfills in Lombardy region