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A01 / L.S. Macedo, C.C. Guimarães, F.P. Manéo, C.E. Teixeira (BR)
Regional integrated solid waste management planning in Brazil, main challenges and opportunities: case of the Metropolitan Region of Baixada Santista, São Paulo, Brazil

A02 / M. Sharkey, W. Stubbings, M. Healy, S. Harrad, M. Coggins (IE)
Synthetic organic contaminants in the Irish environment

A03 / B. Silva, I. Costa, P. Santana, M.E. Zacarias, B. Machado, P. Silva, S. Carvalho, C. Basto-Silva (PT)
Environmental impact assessment of water bottles with different compositions: vPET, rPET flake, and rPET pellet

A04 / J.E. DeVoy (US)
Environmental and gendered health effects of post-consumer textile waste

A05 / C.C. Guimarães, M. Iocca Jr, F.M.R. Almeida (BR)
Strategies for selective collection of recyclables and environmental education in small cities: a case study in Brazil

A06 / B. Amante, A. Puig, JLL. Zamora, J. Moreno (ES)
Robots in waste management

A07 / E. Binner, C. Pfeifer, J. Lackner, C. Zafiu (AT)
Challenges in the treatment of wood products in the context of circular economy

A08 / A. Fernandez, I. Ferreira, X. Franco, J. Riaza, X. Serantes, V. Toca, S. Gómez-Cuervo, P. Villar, C. Ávila, L. Herrero (ES)
Climate change vulnerability risk assessment methodology for waste management infrastructure from public and private perspectives

A09 / N. Sundin, L. Bartek, C. Malefors, M. Eriksson (SE)
Metabolic food waste - Hidden waste with a significant climate cost

A10 / S. Yu, J.L. Hao, C. Zheng (CN)
Determinants of waste reduction behaviour in residential renovation projects: towards a sustainable renovation waste management

B01 / A. Abdulkadhim Mohsin, K. Rassim Mahmood, A. Sleibi Mustafa, S. Naimi, S. Shatwan Yahya (IQ)
Applying sewage sludge materials in improvement geotechnical properties of soils: a review

B02 / E. Bietlot, C. Collart, E. Maron, R. Cuvelier (BE)
Development of an innovative value chain for land infested by an invasive plant, the Japanese knotweed

B03 / M. Kliukas, D. Vaičiukynienė, J. Mockienė, A. Kantautas, R. Bistrickaitė, D. Nizevičienė, V. Vaičiukynas, G. Stelmokaitis (LT)
Development of sustainable Portland cement and reed composites

B04 / F. Pasciucco, I. Pecorini, D. Gonzalez, O.J. Prado, D. Gabriel (IT)
Life cycle assessment of an innovative biological treatment train for sulfur recovery from flue gases containing SOx

B05 / H. Šnajdaufová, L. Morávková, F. Kaštánek, M. Čárský, K. Soukup, O. Šolcová (CZ)
Pellets from sewage and paper mill sludge

B06 / M. Tammaro, L.M. Cafiero, L. Tuccinardi, R. Tuffi (IT)
Realization of a prototype of an experimental apparatus for End-of-Life photovoltaic panels recycling

B07 / M. Holosová, A. Estoková, A. Sičáková (SK)
Technological parameters of the cement composite with non-traditional waste

B08 / A. Shestavetska, A. Augonis, A. Grinys, V. Vaitkevičius, A. Kantautas, I. Sapeha (LT)
Utilization of MSWI bottom slag in the production of artificial aggregates by granulation technology

B09 / N. Junakova, M. Balintova, J. Junak (SK)
Reuse of reservoir sediments as a waste in the preparation of sustainable building mixtures

B10 / L.B. Alves, B.B. Monteiro, R. de Almeida, J.C. Campos (BR)
Humic substance recovery from reverse osmosis concentrate of solid waste landfill leachate treatment

B11 / A. Nabavi-Pelesaraei, A. Damgaard, V. Bisinella (DK)
Mini review on life cycle assessment of chemical recycling for polyethylene terephthalate packaging: a background for UPLIFT project

B12 / D. Fontana, F. Forte, C. Marcoaldi, O. Masetti, V. Piergrossi, M. Pietrantonio, S. Pucciarmati, M. Tammaro (IT)
Materials recovery from end-of-life electrochemical storage systems: preliminary results from the IEMAP project

B13 / J. Eimontas, N. Striūgas, K. Zakarauskas, A. Jančauskas, L. Vorotinskienė (LT)
The investigation of catalytic decomposition of waste fishing nets for energy products recovery

C01 / R. Tomczak-Wandzel, B. Szatkowska (NO)
Bio-refinery of food waste and fish sludge for valuable multiproduct generation

C02 / A. Hofmann, S. Löhn, I. Atamaniuk, K. Kuchta (DE)
Utilizing bioactive molecules from microalgae microbiomes for sustainable health management in aquaculture

C03 / L. Moreschi, M. Gallo, A. Del Borghi, G. Perotto, E. Gagliano (IT)
Valorisation of biowaste in the production of plastic trays in a circular economy perspective: environmental assessment through a life cycle approach

C04 / K.G. Sakellariou, M. Mendiola, I. Barasoain-Echepare, A. Lopez Contreras, E. Maron, N. Ntavos, S. Ros, M. Uyttebroek, M.M. Obermeier, X. Franco, T. Fernández-Arévalo (GR)
MODEL2BIO. Modelling tool for giving value to agri-food residual streams in bio-based industries

C05 / M. Kemal Ak, A. Steffens, C. Lara, V. Preyl, J. Huang, C. Maurer (DE)
Fiber recovery from municipal biowaste for the production of compostable plant pots: a step towards sustainable bioeconomy

D01 / K. Chamrádová, P. Basinas, J. Rusín (CZ)
Application of kinetic models for the evaluation of methane generation produced from the anaerobic digestion of pretreated corn silage with various White Rot Fungi and at different conditions

D02 / R. Ballestar de las Heras, S. Fernandez Ayala, F. Carrillo, F.J. Cañavate, X. Colom (ES)
Storage degradation process of a biodegradable multilayer films

D03 / J. Kim, S. Kim, X. Zhao, J. Lee, J.Y. Kim (KR)
Effects of thermal hydrolysis temperature on lignocellulose structure and hydrogen production of food waste

D04 / M. Kemal Ak, A. Steffens, C. Lara, V. Preyl, J. Huang, C. Maurer (DE)
Transforming biowaste to valuable products: the hydrocyclone process and waste characterization in a sustainable biorefinery system

D05 / X. Zhao, J.Y. Kim (KR)
Impacts of CR-39 resin micro-plastics on the anaerobic digestion of seaweed in CSTR reactors

D06 / D. Hernández, C. Zambra C., J. Diaz (CL)
Evolution of physical-chemical parameters, microbial diversity, and VOCs emissions of tomato pomace exposed to ambient conditions in open reservoirs

E01 / S.-J. Lee, K. Kwon, Y. Jeon (KR)
Design of an optimal municipal waste treatment facilities for a sustainable waste-to-energy management

E02 / A. Messineo, A. Picone, C. Corrado, D. Ticali, M. Volpe (IT)
Hydrothermal carbonization of waste biomass as a sustainable technology for the recovery of energy and valuable carbonaceous materials

E03 / P. Basinas, K. Chamrádová, O. Vosnaki, J. Rusín (CZ)
Improvement of biogas production from the anaerobic digestion of waste biomass using raw and modified with nitric acid biochar derived from the pyrolysis of biomass and digestate

E04 / L. Acampora, S. Grilletta, G. Costa (IT)
Application of Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) to waste to energy plants: a review

E05 / D. Lee, B. Sang, T. Ohm (KR)
Numerical study on the design of solid refuse fuel for power plant and its combustion characteristics

E06 / L. Yin, F. Han, M. Wang, D. Chen, Y. Hu (CN)
Heat transfer characteristics of large-scale biomass particles during pyrolysis process

F01 / R. de Almeida, M.C. Lavagnolo, J.C. Campos (BR)
A cradle-to-gate life cycle analysis of membrane concentrate management from landfill leachate treatment plants

F02 / S. Hoshino, T. Umeki, A. Tanaka, Y. Matsufuji (JP)
Improvement progress by Fukuoka Method at Thien Binh dump site in Yangon City, Myanmar

F03 / L. Morávková, H. Šnajdaufová, Z. Petrusová, F. Kaštánek, O. Šolcová (CZ)
Keeping good separation properties of spiral wound membrane module for carbon dioxide separation from raw biogas

F04 / F. van Raffe, N. Quist, T. Canen, R.N.J. Comans (NL)
Sustainable landfill management in the Netherlands: long term changes in landfill leachate quality during (an)aerobic in-situ stabilization

F05 / R. Michael (AU)
The observer effect and the limitations of lysimeters for evaluating landfill phytocap performance

F06 / L.S. dos Muchangos (JP)
Estimating the emissions from implementing a semi-aerobic landfill in a massive open dump site in Mozambique

F07 / E. Trottini, G. Barina, T. Denoun, A. Baldini, M. Venturini (FR)
The Waga 4 World project: the biggest landfill green gas project in Europe financed by a Biomethane Purchase Agreement and the European Union

G01 / N. Fraeyman, S. Malfait, V. Duprez, H. De Coninck, E. De Meester, E. Mortier (BE)
Pathogens in solid medical waste and risk assessment for human disease

G02 / F. Kaštánek, M. Dlasková, J. Bureš, O. Šolcová (CZ)
Removal of heavy metals and arsenic from contaminated industrial soils by leaching with animal hydrolysates under the synergistic effect of chelation and biostimulation

G03 / A. Estoková, R. Figmig (SK)
Study on hydration of cement composite with various industrial waste

G04 / F. Xu (CN)
CO2 and oxidants method for in situ regeneration of permeable reactive barriers for leachate–contaminated groundwater

G05 / I. Bianco, D. Panepinto, M. Zanetti (IT)
Life Cycle Assessment of plastic wastes from the automotive sector

H01 / M. Spáčilová, P. Dytrych, M. Lexa, L. Wimmerová, P. Mašín, R. Kvaček, O. Šolcová (CZ)
A newly developed technology for microplastics removal from wastewater

H02 / Y. Yang, S. Kalam, J. Lee, Y. Zhang (CN)
Synchronous of salt and water resources recovery in high salinity wastewater by membrane distillation

H03 / M. Balintova, N. Junakova, Y. Chernysh, P. Pavlikova (SK)
Removal of sulphates from acidic solutions using ion exchange

H04 / G. Farabegoli, A. Rebelo (IT)
EU IMPEL project Wastewater in Natural Environment (WiNE)

H05 / M. Dlasková, M. Spáčilová, F. Kaštánek, O. Šolcová (CZ)
Utilization of biomass and plant waste to remove pollutants from water and soil