Comitato Tecnico-Scientifico delle Imprese


Sven ANDERSSON / Babcock & Wilcox Vølund AB (SE)
Established in 1867, Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) is a global leader in renewable, environmental and thermal technologies and services for power and industrial applications.


/ Marcopolo Environmental Group (IT)
The Marcopolo Environmental Group is an international reality operating in the environmental field, with a large number of patents and production processes, for the "sustainable and active" industrial enhancement of good waste/ by-products and the production of energy from renewable sources.


Robert GREGORY / Gregory Environmental Consulting Ltd (UK)
Gregory Environmental Consulting Ltd (GECL) is an independent UK based consultancy with the technical knowledge and international experience to offer sound environmental solutions and pragmatic commercial advice in waste and resource management, renewable energy, late-life landfill management and landfill redevelopment. Their focus is on landfill gas, biogas and biomethane technologies, and they work with their clients from the planning stage to site closure and repurposing. They provide services in asset evaluation, resource assessment, risk assessment, gas management, air quality, and odour management. A significant proportion of their work is in mediation and as an expert witness.


Masashi MINAGAWA / JFE Engineering Corporation (JP)
JFE Engineering Corporation is an engineering company which offers engineering products and services in the field of environment, energy, steel structure, and industrial machinery.



Federico POLI / La Filippa (IT)
La Filippa is a newly designed landfill for non-hazardous waste. It is located in Cairo Montenotte (Savona, northwest Italy). The Filippa Responsive System (FRS®) is an innovative, fully tested and certified disposal and recovery model, which combines resources and values with technology and procedures.


Alessandro SANTINI
/ Fiori Group (IT)
The Fiori Group is one of the leading European operators in the metal recycling sector: they manage all aspects of the recycling chain directly, from scrap collection through to the supply of high quality metals back to the production industry.


Christopher EDEN / Organics Group (UK)
The Organics Group has been developing technology for the recovery of primary elements from waste and wastewater and for ammonia recovery from highly ammoniated wastewater and landfill leachate. They are also developing a compact unit for the production of biochar from sustainably sourced organic waste material and the pyrolysis of other materials, principally as a mechanism for saving landfill space and providing locally sourced heat and energy. 



Anders KIHL / Ragn-Sells Group (SE)
Ragn-Sells is a privately held corporate group, operating companies in four countries (Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Denmark). Since 1966, they have been involved in waste management, environmental services and recycling. They collect, treat and recycle waste and residual products from businesses, organisations and households.


Vincenzo CUZZOLA
 / Bioenerys - SNAM (IT)
Bioenerys is Snam's biomethane subsidiary that aims to develop the market by increasing production volumes in order to achieve decarbonization targets, while boosting the Italian agribusiness sector through an innovative circular economy model. The company leverages the expertise of its agricultural (BioenerysAgri) and waste (Bioenerys Ambiente) platforms, which design, develop and operate biomethane plants from both organic waste and agricultural and agro-industrial waste.