Basics of Landfill Aeration

THURSDAY 27 APRIL 2023 / 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM (GMT+2)
Marco Ritzkowski
, Hamburg University of Technology (DE)




Landfills are a source of significant emissions in terms of polluted leachate and greenhouse gases which mainly occur under conventional operating conditions (i.e., anaerobic conditions). When considering the specific type and quality, and quite often lack of, barriers, these leachate and gas emissions may result in a significant negative impact on the environment.
Landfill aeration represents one part in a sequence of measures, starting with waste deposition and ending with the termination of aftercare. Aeration effectively stimulates processes, which are capable to transfer a landfill from the post-closure phase, where gas utilization is no longer profitable and/or feasible, to a long term phase where active provisions for emission control are no longer needed. At that time, the final top cover can be installed and a basis for multiple options of landfill after use has been established.

The webinar "Basics of Landfill Aeration" contains information on the background of the methodology, results from both field and lab scale tests and a number of examples of field scale projects in several countries. Specific technological aspects such as off-gas treatment and air injection devices will be discussed in more detail. The webinar concludes with considerations on associated costs and cost-saving-potentials as well as a summary on current programs, supporting landfill aeration projects.


  • Background and motivation
  • Results from simulated landfills (anaerobic and aerobic)
  • Converting lab scale to full scale: conceptual approaches
  • Examples of full scale aeration projects
  • Full scale aeration: Results
  • Full scale vs lab scale: comparison & evaluation
  • The importance of off-gas treatment
  • Criteria for the completion of aeration
  • Costs & cost-saving-potentials
  • Financial support through current programs
  • Conclusions

Marco Ritzkowski is a lecturer at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), Sustainable Resources and Waste Management since 2008, and associate professor at Polytech, Peter the Great, St. Petersburg Polytechnic University in Russia since 2018. In 2005 he received his PhD from TUHH. He participated in several national and international research-projects regarding the landfill-behaviour of municipal solid waste, waste pre-treatment and aftercare of MSW landfills and he was the responsible researcher for the scientific attendance of the German R&D-project 'Aerobic in-situ stabilisation of landfills'. Since 2009 he is managing international projects in connection with the impact of climate change on the environment as well as aftercare of solid waste landfills. Marco Ritzkowski is Managing Director of the International Waste Working Group (IWWG) since 2011 and leader of the IWWG Task Group on Landfill Aeration since 2008.