The Serdiana landfill / Ecoserdiana SpA

ProposerEcoserdiana SpA
Location: Cagliari, Italy
Type of plant: discarica per rifiuti speciali non pericolosi
Area: approx. 10 hectares

The Serdiana landfill, managed by the company Ecoserdiana Spa, is a non-hazardous special waste landfill located in the Municipality of Cagliari, Italy.
The area features an undulating morphology due to the alternating presence of flat areas and hills. The physical location of the landfill was identified by the Municipal Authorities in Serdiana due to the presence on site of a sandstone quarry.
The landfill is comprised of 6 modules that have developed over time, only one of which is currently operational, and occupies a total surface area of approx. 10 hectares.
The operative module (n. 6 on the map) has a raised banking and leans against two decommissioned landfill modules for non-hazardous special wastes and Municipal solid wastes. Modules 1, 2, 3 and 4 are currently in the post-operational phase.
The proposing body has shown interest in undertaking environmental requalification and landscaping of the area not limited to greening of the site, but also providing for re-use of the same.