Landfill for hazardous and non-hazardous
special wastes / Ecofer Ambiente Srl

Proposer: Ecofer Ambiente Srl
Location: Rome, Italy
Type of plant: landfill for hazardous and non-hazardous special wastes
Area: approx. 25 hectares

Ecofer Ambiente Srl manages a sanitary landfill authorised for conferment of hazardous and non-hazardous special wastes. The landfill was designed at the start of the year 2003 in accordance with criteria established by Legislative Decree 36/2003 relating to hazardous waste landfills, subsequently enhanced by the regulations contained in the authorization permits. The landfill accepts solely non-hazardous wastes originating from the metal recovery sector (end-of-life vehicles and other metallic wastes). Wastes conferred are therefore only CER 19.10.04 and 19.10.06 (light-fluff and other fractions). These residues are made up largely of polymer/plastic materials and do not therefore present any of the issues associated with putrescible materials: extremely low organic content, scarce emission of noxious odours, absence of animal infestation. The construction site identified was located in a degraded rural area to the south of Rome (Agricultural area of southern Rome) from which, for more than forty years, tuff and pozzolana have been extracted. The quarry, abandoned in the early 1990s, was acquired by the company to construct the landfill which proved necessary following closure of the metal recovery and recycling industry.

The area on which the landfill is sited is a prevalently agricultural area. To safeguard this aspect, the area has been declared an area of particular public interest: “Agricultural area of southern Rome situated between via Laurentina and via Ardeatina (Cecchignola, Tor Pagnotta, Castel di Leva, Falcognana, S. Fumia, Solforata)”, as provided for by Ministerial Decree 25/01/10 issued by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities (so-called “Bondi Restriction”).

Partially following the division of the former quarry, the area on which the landfill is sited is divided into three operative lots: Lot 1 has been in the aftercare phase since 2013, Lot 2 is currently operational and Lot 3 will be opened in September. Post-operational management envisages, to complete the authorized volume, reconstruction of the hilly landscape of the zone to the profile featured prior to extraction, compatibly with the existing structures and management of rain water. The areas located to the north and north-west of the storage tanks, are used as a temporary deposit for fertile soil and clay and a green area with vineyards. To the west lie via Ardeatina and the regional railway. The service area is situated approximately 15 metres below road level; the slope decreases on moving north, reaching a flat plain close to the border of the area.