Poster Session

  • M.A. Habib (EG)
    Adding value to lampante oil: high quality leather fatliquoring agent via the low- grade oil sulfonation

  • F. van Raffe, R. Jin, H. Lammen, J.J. Dijkstra, R.N.J. Comans (NL)
    Sustainable landfill management in the Netherlands: application of geochemical modelling to characterise solid waste prior to (an)aerobic stabilization

  • H. Manohar, G.K. Varghese (IN)
    Analysis of heavy metal adsorption pattern in soil columns for environmental forensic applications

  • V. Innocenzi, S. Zueva, I. De Michelis, F. Vegliò (RU)
    A case study on the wastewater treatment in the semiconductor industry

  • Y. Dahal, N.R. Khatiwada, B. Ojha, B. Parajuli, S. Sharma ()
    Recycling of floral waste to manufacture incense sticks

  • G.V. Landeros G., G. Dominguez C. , M.D. Hudson, P.J. Shaw, I.D. Williams ()
    Microplastic waste and wastewater treatment plants - A review

  • A. Del Borghi, L. Moreschi, S. De Angeli, M. Gallo (IT)
    Waste to aggregate: an application of circular economy to aquaculture evaluated through a life-cycle approach

  • A. Marrone, D. La Russa, E. Brunelli, G. Santovito, D. Pellegrino (IT)
    Antarctica as a global sensor of transboundary pollution: metals biomonitoring in a twelve-year period

  • R.S. Jasna, A. Sekar, G.K. Varghese (IN)
    The air quality profile during COVID-19 lockdown as a forensic tool for air pollution source identification

  • E. Singovszka, M. Balintova (SK)
    Modified degree of contamination on the rivers of the eastern Slovakia

  • I. Pecorini, E. Rossi, S. Di Gregorio, S. Becarelli, R. Iannelli (IT)
    Comparison of wet and dry anaerobic digestion of OFMSW with a focus on microbial characteristics