IWRECKS - Industrial Wrecks: Reusing, Enhancing, aCKnowledging Sheds

SESSION H5 / / 15:30 - 17:10
IWRECKS - Industrial Wrecks: Reusing, Enhancing, aCKnowledging Sheds
Chair / Presidente: S. Antoniadis (IT)

iWrecks is a research project funded by POR FSE ‘Veneto’ 2014-2020. iWrekcs aims to provide innovative visions and operational tools to professionals, investors, stakeholders and citizens involved in the retraining of abandoned, decommissioned and dismissed industrial sheds. In Veneto a huge amount of industrial estate demands for new uses. An important part of the research programme concerns useful practices for the recognition of what really must be reduced to waste and what can instead be maintained, transformed, reinterpreted avoiding the threatening obsolescence. The multidisciplinary approach of the research project, as well as the dedicated slot, helps the actors, involved in the production industry of reuse, in the pursuit of the goals of significant demolition reduction – so waste reduction – and programmatic practices of circular economy.

Introductory lectures:

L. Stendardo (IT)
The power of the wreck: orienting visions

S. Antoniadis (IT)
iWrecks pilot scenarios: reducing waste and avoiding the threatening obsolescence in Architecture

R.A. Bernardello, R. Malesani (IT)
BIM and Urban Mining: information models for the C&D waste management and computation

17:10 - 17:40 Coffee break + Poster discussion