Workshop: Sustainable waste management at Universities I

SESSION G11 / / 09:00 - 10:40
Workshop: Sustainable waste management at Universities I
Chair / Presidente: D. Prandstraller, E. Perotto (IT)

Universities can be considered like small towns where students and staff spend part of their days working, studying, eating and in many cases living on campus. These activities produce a wide variety of waste streams: from laboratory waste to assimilated urban waste (plastic, glass, paper, food waste). In the last years - in the framework of the Agenda 2030 - the awareness on the waste management problem inside Universities has increased and now Universities are taking a leading role in educating people about the need to develop a sustainable society. Furthermore, Universities provide a good opportunity to understand the options for sustainable waste management for wider applications. Among the activities developed, the more diffused are: (i) waste production monitoring and analysis, (ii) community engagement strategies (events, interviews, conferences, open days, flash mobs) (iii) creation of a strong interconnection between Procurement Department and Waste Management in order to close the loop of materials (i.e. actual Circular Economy).
The workshop is an opportunity to compare, share and discuss good practices developed around the world, intended not only as correct and safe collection, transportation, processing and disposal of the waste streams, but primarily as reducing the amount of waste to be disposed of (zero-waste strategy).

Introductory lectures:

D. Prandstraller, E. Perotto (IT)
Sustainable waste management at Universities

C. Guevara Fletcher, L. Segura, C. Useche , J. Plaza, J.L. Solarte (CO)
Characterization and management of solid waste at the Santiago de Cali University, Colombia

10:40 - 11:10 Coffee break