Workshop: Strategies for landfill mining

SESSION G1 / / 15:30 - 17:10
Workshop: Strategies for landfill mining
Chair / Presidente: Juan C. Hernández Parrodi (BE)

Europe has somewhere between 150,000 and 500,000 landfill sites, with an estimated 90% of them being “non-sanitary” landfills, predating the EU Landfill Directive of 1999. These older landfills tend to be filled with municipal solid waste and often lack any environmental protection technology. “Doing nothing” or remediating them depends largely on technical, societal and economic conditions which vary between countries. Beside “doing nothing” there are different scenarios in landfill mining (LFM), from re-landfilling the waste into “sanitary landfills” to seizing the opportunity for a combined resource-recovery and remediation strategy.
This workshop will address present and future issues and potential opportunities of LFM as an embedded strategy in current waste management systems through a multi-disciplinary approach.

Introductory lectures:

J.C. Hernández Parrodi, H. Lucas and M. Gigantino (BE)
Technical aspects of LFM in the context of circular economy

G. Sauve, J. L. Esguerra and P. Einhäupl (BE)
Multi-criteria assessment for landfill mining concepts and technologies

Discussion topics:
1. Are current state-of-the-art practices for waste management well adapted to LFM?
2. What are and what should be the techno-economic aspects to take into account for LFM?
3. In what way do current regulations promote LFM?
4. What policy changes are necessary to foster LFM in Europe?

17:10 - 17:40 Coffee break + Poster discussion