Workshop: Waste and climate change II

SESSION F8 / / 11:10 - 12:50
Workshop: Waste and climate change II
Chair / Presidente: C. Trois (ZA)

The second part of the workshop will deal with impacts of climate change on the waste sector from the adaptation point of view, including (i) how changing climates are affecting waste, (ii) risks of disaster waste and intervention strategies, (iii) drought impacts on waste composition, (iv) community displacement and waste.

Introductory lectures:

M. Klinglmair, M. Thomsen (DK)
Climate change mitigation services rendered by organic-waste-derived fertiliser: a dynamic model of a Danish case study

S. Nilsson Påledal, M. Gålfalk, D. Bastviken (SE)
Quantifcation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from storage of dewatered sludge at waste water treatment plants