Sewage sludege as a resource

SESSION F4 / / 11:10 - 12:50
Sewage sludege as a resource
Chair / Presidente: H. Wang (CN)

S. Vaclavkova, V. Kerberová, B. Zach, T. Krejčí, M. Krňávek, P. Maléř, M. Šyc (CZ)
Sewage sludge as an important secondary source for agriculture and phosphorus industry

J. Chen, S. Tang, Z. Zhang (CN)
Novel phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge through calcium oxide-enhanced pyrolysis technique

A. Kolosionis, E. Kastanaki, E. Gidarakos, A. Giannis (GR)
Conversion of sewage sludge to clean fuel using pyrolysis and washing methods

E. Diamandopoulos (GR)
Biochar from sludge

Z. Mei, D. Chen, J. Zhang, L. Yin, Y. Hu (CN)
Integrated continuous sewage sludge pyrolysis-volatile reforming reactor and its performance