Sewage sludge

SESSION F3 / / 09:00 - 10:40
Sewage sludge
Chair / Presidente: E. Diamadopoulos (GR)

T. Bauer, L. Ekman Burgman (SE)
Effects of different implementations of sewage sludge disposal legislation in the EU

A. Tsybina, C. Wuensch (RU)
Assessment of the potential of reducing environmental impact at different scenarios for sewage sludge treatment

Y. Zhu, K. Xiao, Y. Zhou, J. Yang, C. Le, D. Lu, Z. Yu, K. Pei, S. Liang (CN)
Profiling of amino acids and their interactions with proteinaceous compounds for sludge dewatering

K. Xiao, Z. Yu, H. Wang, Y. Chen, W. Yu, Q. Xu, B. Liu, H. Hou, S. Liang, J. Hu, J. Yang (CN)
Enhanced sludge dewatering via oxone oxidation activated by iron-rich biochar pyrolyzed from ferric sludge at a low temperature: effects of iron species

E. Camelin, G. Cristina, T. Tommasi, D. Fino (IT)
Is anaerobic digestate from sewage sludge a potential solution for improvement of poor soils?

10:40 - 11:10 Coffee break