IWWG young Roundtable

SESSION F2 / / 17:40 - 19:20
IWWG young Roundtable
Chair / Presidente: F. Garbo (IT), L. Zhang (CN)

Although many opportunities (e.g. funding, grants, etc.) are specifically dedicated to young researchers, the current fragmentation of the young community, especially in terms of interconnections and cooperation, tends to strongly limit such possibilities.
The goal of IWWGyoung is the creation of an international working group, with members coming from both developed and developing countries, based on the sharing of valuable information and on the arrangement of international collaborations within the young researchers community, in the field of solid waste management.
IWWGyoung focuses transversely on solid waste management, but the topics are considered from a different perspective: the sustainability, feasibility, reliability of new ideas/systems/scenarios should be always assessed together with the applicability to different contexts, countries or geographical areas, as a reflection of the international spirit of the group.
The scope of the roundtable is to let members present their current research activities, discuss on critical points, suggest new and innovative solutions to solve the problems encountered during the researches, finalize collaborations and projects.

Introductory lectures:

F. Garbo (IT)
Sustainable decentralized waste and wastewater treatment systems

V. Grossule (IT)
Cost-effective appropriate solutions for sustainable waste management

G. Beggio (IT)
Developing waste ecotoxicity assessment for the promotion of a sustainable Circular Economy, with a focus on OFMSW digestates

R. Malesani (IT)
Construction and demolition waste management in renovation activities of abandoned areas

L. Zhang (CN)
Mechanism and control method of foam production by leachate treatment

F.-M. Pellera (GR)
Biochar production from waste biomass for agronomic and environmental application

S. Zhang (CN)
Application of electron beam in aged landfill leachate treatment