Workshop: IWWG TG Landfill aeration - Optimal performances and fake aeration

SESSION F14 / / 17:40 - 19:20
Workshop: IWWG TG Landfill aeration - Optimal performances and fake aeration
Chair / Presidente: M. Ritzkowski (DE)

Published data on landfill aeration projects suggest that the passive aeration concept is increasing by number. This concept has the advantage that the required infrastructure (thus the investment costs) are relatively low since the piping system can be design as a single-line (only negative pressure) and no second blower unit is required. Moreover, benefits may be generated by energy recovery from the extracted landfill gas. But what is often disregarded is the relatively slow stabilisation effect and operational challenges in cases where the landfilled wastes are fully water saturated or even leachate tables are present on the landfill liner.
During the workshop this and other existing methodologies for landfill aeration will be discussed in view of workshop title, namely how to ensure quality performance and sufficient results of landfill aeration projects?
After the methodical issues have been discussed, the workshop will focus on benchmarks in connection with landfill aeration. Here, the focus is on the technical implementation and the discussion shall come up with indications on how to optimize future aeration projects.

Introductory lectures:

M. Huber-Humer (AT)
Benchmarking of landfill aeration projects

M. Ritzkowski (DE)
Objectives and appropriate technical implementation of landfill aeration projects

M. Ritzkowski, K. Kuchta (DE)
Temperature dependency of metabolic processes during landfill aeration