Waste management in small islands

SESSION F12 / / 11:10 - 12:50
Waste management in small islands
Chair / Presidente: E. Diamadopoulos (GR)

Solid waste management remains a rather challenging and complicated task with different characteristics and demands from country to country, defined by a large number of factors, among which social, economic and geographical ones. Especially small islands, that are mainly characterized by isolated geographies and tourism dominated economies, present many particularities that make sustainable waste management a goal rather hard to accomplish. The situation can get even more complicated in the case of large complexes of small islands, where a whole network must be developed in order to promote optimum and holistic solutions. The scope of this workshop is to present the particularities, the difficulties, the limitations, as well as potential solutions for solid waste management on small islands, focusing of defining factors, real case examples and existing potentialities, having Greece, a country of 6,000 islands and islets, as a background.

Introductory lectures:

E. Gidarakos (GR)
Solid waste management at a country of 6,000 islands and islets

A. Giannis, E. Gidarakos (GR)
Solid waste management on small island destinations

R. Cossu (IT)
Solid waste management in the Venice Lagoon

A. Valouma, E. Gidarakos (GR)
Construction and Demolition Waste management: recycling routes on islands

F.-M. Pellera, E. Gidarakos (GR)
Opportunities for agro-industrial waste valorization on Greek islands