Workshop: Asbestos waste management and risks assessments

SESSION F10 / / 17:40 - 19:20
Workshop: Asbestos waste management and risks assessments
Chair / Presidente: G. Bonifazi, S. Serranti (IT)

The Workshop will represent an opportunity to discuss some critical aspects of asbestos containing materials and waste management. After introducing the main typologies of asbestos containing waste and their properties, the most innovative techniques for their characterization will be exposed and discussed with the attendants. Such methods, which in general result non-invasive, should let to a safer, effective and less expensive management of asbestos waste.

Introductory lectures:

F. Paglietti, D. Taddei (IT)
Classification and properties of asbestos containing waste

S. Malinconico, S. Bellagamba, C. Massaro (IT)
Safety measures and waste management at naturally occurring asbestos (NOA) sites

B. Conestabile della Staffa, I. Lonigro, P. De Simone (IT)
The disposal of asbestos containing waste in Italy

G. Bonifazi (IT)
New technolgies for indentification and classification of asbestos

S. Serranti (IT)
Hyperspectral imaging for asbestos recognition

M. Musacchio, L. Colini, M. Silvestri, M.F. Buongiorno (IT)
Asbestlib: a spectral library of MCA to support environmental monitoring activities

A. Valouma, E. Gidarakos (GR)
Mechanical treatment of asbestos containing waste and safe recycling on the production of alkali activated materials

T. Sattler, R. Pomberger, J. Schimek, D. Vollprecht (AT)
Mineral wool waste in Austria, associated health aspects and recycling options