Workshop: IWWG TG Clear - Construction & operation of full-scale CH4 ox. Systems

SESSION E9 / / 15:30 - 17:10
Workshop: IWWG TG Clear - Construction & operation of full-scale CH4 ox. Systems
Chair / Presidente: J. Gebert (NL), M. Huber Humer (AT)

During the past years the first full-scale methane oxidation systems have been implemented to reduce landfill methane emissions, benchmarking the transition from research and pilot scale to full field application. Scaling up entails challenges, for example with respect to the desired evenness of spatial gas distribution in the gas distribution layer, construction methods to attain evenness of soil physical and mechanical properties or full system performance assessment. The pending development of best available technology (BAT) documents for methane oxidation systems should consider these experiences.
The main purpose of the workshop is therefore to discuss strengths and pitfalls of full-scale engineered methane oxidation systems. Pitches will be given by invited speakers who will share concrete aspects of construction, operation, performance and monitoring of their respective systems. As main outcome it is intended to compile a document addressing the key challenges of construction, operation and monitoring of full-scale CH4 oxidation systems.

Introductory lectures:

C. Scheutz, P. Kjeldsen (DK)
Challenges in the up-scale to full bio-mitigation systems implemented at landfills and future research needs

R. Rosendal, M. Holt, H. Rolsted, S. B. Andersen (DK)
Implementation of full-scale biocover systems - Site investigation, design and monitoring

A. Fredenslund, K. B. Sundbaek, P. H. Petersen (DK)
Biocovers on landfills - Variations in project complexity

A.R. Cabral, B. Ahoughalandari (CA)
Elements of design of passive methane oxidation biosystems: fundamental and practical considerations about hydraulic characteristics affecting biogas migration and oxidation efficiency

M. Huber-Humer (AT)
Biowindows for the degasification of an older Austrian MSW landfill after the removal of the active gas extraction system – Lessons learned

J. Gebert, J. Streese-Kleeberg (NL)
Experiences from full scale operation of methane oxidation windows for biological treatment of landfill gas

17:10 - 17:40 Coffee break + Poster discussion