Waste management education

SESSION E8 / / 11:10 - 12:50
Waste management education
Chair / Presidente:

G. De Feo, F. Faiella (IT)
Waste management education: from kindergarten to higher education

K. Manskinen, A- M. Tuomala, G. Azimbayeva (FI)
Opportunities and challenges in developing a waste management curriculum in Kazakhstan

S. Lee, A. Reid, C. Banks (UK)
An Erasmus+ waste education initiative

C.C. Guimaräes, T.F. Oliveira, F.P. Manéo, L.S. Macedo, C.E. Teixeira (BR)
Environmental education and popular mobilization for the implementation of integrated waste management systems

M. Dassisti, A. Di Roma, B. D’Aquino (IT)
Implicit teaching approach to the 6R paradigm for sustainability: the secondary-matter teller machine at high schools