Workshop: Contaminated sites

SESSION E7 / / 09:00 - 10:40
Workshop: Contaminated sites
Chair / Presidente: R. Raga (IT)

O. Solcova , J. Bumba, M. Spacilova, F. Kastanek (CZ)
Brownfield water pollution and purification

M.-L. Wei, Y.-J. Du, Q. Xue (CN)
Effect of carbonation on leaching properties of Zn and Pb-contaminated soils stabilized with KMP: semi-dynamic leaching test evaluation

A. Ribeiro, A. Mota, J. Araújo, J. Carvalho (PT)
Development of a pilot-scale prototype for electrokinbarrier technology

X. Kong, H. Wang (CN)
Removal of vanadium from groundwater by layered double hydroxide supported nanoscale zerovalent iron

T.E. Butt, J.A. Entwistle, A.S. Sagoo , G. Massacci (IT)
Combined risk assessment for landfill gas and leachate – Informing contaminated land reclamation for appropriate construction projects

S. Xu, Y. Xing, Q. Huang, W. Chen (CN)
Role of novel bacterial Raoultella sp. strain X13 in plant growth promotion and cadmium bioremediation in soil

10:40 - 11:10 Coffee break