Industrial waste - Recovery options

SESSION E5 / / 15:30 - 17:10
Industrial waste - Recovery options
Chair / Presidente: E. Gidarakos (GR)

J.D. Carlier, S. Sathityatiwat, A.B. Melka, M.G. Miguel, J.P. Lourenço, C.A. Nogueira, A.P. Paiva, M.C. Costa (PT)
Combining chemical and biological strategies for the recovery of metals from metals bearing wastewaters (METALCHEMBIO project)

N. Stahre, M. Bäckström, L. Sartz (SE)
Element leaching from green liquor dregs from 16 Swedish paper mills

T. Niemelin, T. Suikkanen, H. Jyrävá, N. Lindroos, M. Autiola, M. Helaakoski, A. Nassinen, J. Österbacka, A. Kulmala, A. Virtanen, M Hänninen, P. Rantala (FI)
Industrial by-products in environmental protection structures in mine construction

A. Taskin, S. Ivannikov, O. Danilov, O. Elkin, D. Fedotov (RU)
Recovery of coal underburning from industrial ash and slag waste

M. Marafi, M. S. Rana (KW)
Extraction of metals from spent hydrotreating catalysts using chelating agent: preliminary process design and feasibility

T.S. Leme, S. R. Teixeira, L.S. Silva , R.S. Magalhães, L. F. Santos, G.T.A. Santos, A.E. Souza (BR)
Crystallization kinetics of glass obtained with slag from iron foundry industry

17:10 - 17:40 Coffee break + Poster discussion