Workshop: Long term behaviour of landfill barriers

SESSION E16 / / 11:10 - 12:50
Workshop: Long term behaviour of landfill barriers
Chair / Presidente: D. Cazzuffi (IT)

The Workshop will present some key issues to solve the problems, usually encountered in modern landfills, related to the need of increasing the volume of wastes to be stored in an already authorized plant and also to guarantee a satisfactory performance of the natural and/or synthetic materials used as barrier systems. In particular, some aspects related to the design and the construction of geosynthetic-reinforced structures to increase the landfill volume will be outlined, together with the presentation of some relevant recent European case-histories on such applications. Moreover, the physical, chemical, mineralogical and geotechnical characteristics of different natural clayey substrata will be reviewed and compared to evaluate their feasibility as landfill barrier liners for attenuation of leachate pollutants. Finally, some considerations on the use of geotextile filters in leachate collection systems will be outlined, also in the light of the potential susceptibility to the filter clogging phenomenon. In particular, a specific investigation on the the impact of leachate characteristics on geotextile clogging of bottom ash co-disposed landfills will be presented.

Introductory lectures:

D. Cazzuffi, P. Recalcati (IT)
Landfills volume increase with reinforced soil embankments: basic theory and case studies

M. Regadio, J.A. Black, S.F. Thornton (UK)
Comparison of different natural clays for their application as landfill liners

Q. Wang, Q.Y. Xu, J.H. Ko (CN)
Clogging characteristics of geotextiles in simulated bottom ash co-disposed landfill conditions