Recycling of bottom ash

SESSION D8 / PANORAMA HALL 2 / 11:10 - 12:50
Recycling of bottom ash
Chair / Presidente: J. Kumpiene (SE)

D. Blasenbauer, F. Huber, J. Fellner (AT)
Bringing light into the legal jungle of incinerator bottom ash utilisation in Europe

P. Rabelo Monich, H. Lucas, B. Friedrich, M. Segata, A. Morbi, E. Bernardo (IT)
Upcycling of vitrified residues by alkali activation and sinter-crystallization

F. Huber, D. Blasenbauer, P. Aschenbrenner, J. Fellner (AT)
Generating a knowledge base for the sustainable utilisation of MSWI bottom ash

L. Taddei, M. Marcantoni, R. Usci, M. Molica Colella, A. Sconfietti (IT)
LIFE-CHIMERA - CHIckens Manure Exploitation and RevAluation: turning combustion ashes into a rich N-P-K fertilizer

A.M. Doyle, I.V. Joseph, D. Shaw, L. Tosheva (UK)
Transformation of waste materials used in electricity generation to high surface area zeolites