Thermal treatment according to waste quality

SESSION D2 / PANORAMA HALL 2 / 17:40 - 19:20
Thermal treatment according to waste quality
Chair / Presidente: H. Zhang (CN)

T. Schwarzböck, H. Rechberger, J. Fellner (AT)
Optimization potential in waste-to-energy plants by better waste homogenisation

Y.A. Gomez Rueda, L. Helsen (BE)
The effect of carbon dioxide and steam on the cracking of naphthalene as tar surrogate

S.A. Viczek, K. Khodier, R. Pomberger, R. Sarc (AT)
Grain size dependent distribution of As, Cd, Cl, Co, Cr, Fe, Hg, Ni, Pb, Sb, Sn, Ti, V, W, and Zn in coarse-shredded commercial waste

S.A. Iwarere, N.M. Mkhize (ZA)
Pyrolysis of various tyre types: characteristics and kinetic studies using thermogrametric analysis

S.A. Viczek, A. Aldrian, R. Pomberger, R. Sarc (AT)
Analytical determination of the material-recyclable share of SRF thorugh co-processing in the cement industry - Comparison of ashing temperatures

H. Zhou, D. Chen, B. Gong, L. Hong (CN)
Changes of incineration characteristics upon carrying out source separation collection of MSW