Workshop: Waste and health

SESSION D16 / PANORAMA HALL 2 / 11:10 - 12:50
Workshop: Waste and health
Chair / Presidente: M. Ferrante (IT)

Introductory lectures:

J. Zayed, B. Bakhiyi, S. Gravel, F. Labrèche (CA)
Global health issues and challenges related to e-waste management

T.L. Gladding (UK)
Health and safety and waste management in the UK

I.M. Rafizul, P. K. Mahanta, M. Alamgir (BD)
Assessment of the potential health risk of a waste disposal site in Khulna of Bangladesh

T.S. Zikhathile, H.I. Atagana (ZA)
Assessment on management practices and knowledge of community health workers on health care risk waste