Plastic waste - New products

SESSION D14 / PANORAMA HALL 2 / 17:40 - 19:20
Plastic waste - New products
Chair / Presidente: F. Di Maria (IT)

T.O. Mbuya, A. Evangelou, G.O. Rading, I. Williams, J.I.R Blake, P.A.S. Reed (KE)
On plastic waste based composite materials for applications in construction

V.Ž. Bogataj, P. Fajs, C. Peñalva, M. Omahen, M. Čop, A. Henttonen (SI)
Utilization of recycled polypropylene, cellulose and newsprint fibers for production of green composites

B. Silva, A. Marques, A. Vilela, H. Martins, A. Mota, A. Ribeiro, J. Araújo, M. C. Paiva, J. P. Nunes, S. Castro, J. Amaro, S. Santos, P. Gaiato, J. Carvalho (PT)
New circularity approach of mixed plastics in the development of eco-sustainable railway sleepers

K. Qian, X. Yang, W. Li (CN)
Valorization of municipal solid wastes to activated carbon and their catalytic performance in production of jet fuel range hydrocarbons from waste plastics