Strategies in waste thermal treatment

SESSION D1 / PANORAMA HALL 2 / 15:30 - 17:10
Strategies in waste thermal treatment
Chair / Presidente: M. Nelles (DE)

R.M. Sebastian, D. Kumar, B. J. Alappat (IN)
Assessment of incinerability of municipal solid waste in Asian countries using incinerability index

E. Suzuki, M. Asari (JP)
MSW incineration facility in Japan: as environmental learning and local base

H. De Chefdebien (FR)
Practical proposals for solving the pending issues related to the implementation of the waste incineration BREF and to compliance verification - Guidance

K. Ishii, T. Furuichi, S. Ochiai, M. Sato (JP)
Waste management strategies based on biomass utilization in Japan

F. Ardolino, C. Boccia, U. Arena (IT)
Environmental performances of a modern waste-to-energy unit in a life cycle perspective

F. V. Andretti, J. A. Ferreira, C. F. Mannarino (BR)
Techno economic feasibility of waste-to-energy plant – A simulation to Rio de Janeiro city, Brazil

17:10 - 17:40 Coffee break + Poster discussion