Emissions from anaerobic digestion plants

SESSION C9 / PANORAMA HALL / 15:30 - 17:10
Emissions from anaerobic digestion plants
Chair / Presidente:

V. Wechselberger, M. Huber-Humer, K. Meixner, L. Knoll, M. Hrad (DE)
Evaluation of methane emis-sions from different Austrian biogas plants using harmonised methods for single source and overall emissions quantification

P. Dirrenberger, J. Grosjean, N. Monta, T. Nicot, J. Kunz-Iffli, C. Coulais, V. Koehler, A. Pedros, B. Facon (FR)
Occupational exposure to bioaerosols and ammonia in anaerobic digestion units

Y. Shao, X. Liu, L. Xu, Z. Li (CN)
The characteristic of odor gas produced from different components of wastes: a degradation experiment inoculated pure bacteria

G. Francini, M. Lasagni, L. Lombardi (IT)
Selection of the biogas upgrading technology for an Italian MSW anaerobic digestion plant

17:10 - 18:00 Coffee break + Poster discussion