Anaerobic digestion of different substrates

SESSION C6 / PANORAMA HALL / 17:40 - 19:20
Anaerobic digestion of different substrates
Chair / Presidente: W. Clarke (AU)

J-.C. Frigon, F. Ngoundjo, C. Roy, P. Salama (CA)
Optimization of the operating conditions of a screw press to maximize the biodegradable fraction and methane production in the liquid fraction from fruit and vegetable waste

S. Papirio, G. Mancini, F. Pirozzi, P. N. L. Lens, G. Esposito (IT)
Solvent pretreatment and dosing of trace metals in the anaerobic digestion of rice straw

L.P. Gomes, M.O. Caetano, L.A.S. Miranda, A. Deitos, L.B. Dai- Prá, M.A. Santos (BR)
Evaluation of the treatment of sanitary waste with solid waste of restaurant in UASB reactor

M.R. Boni, G. De Gioannis, A. Muntoni, A. Polettini, R. Pomi, A. Rossi, D. Spiga (IT)
Bio-H2 production from cheese whey and wastewater sludge in semi-continuous systems