Strategies for bioenergy recovery from waste

SESSION C2 / PANORAMA HALL / 17:40 - 19:20
Strategies for bioenergy recovery from waste
Chair / Presidente: L. Lombardi (IT)

A. Schüch, J. Sprafke, M. Nelles (DE)
Role of biogenic waste and residues as an important building block forward a successful energy transition and future bioeconomy - Results of a site analysis

M. Boccarossa, M. Di Addario, F. Tatano (IT)
Scenarios of bioenergy recovery from organic fraction of residual municipal waste in the Marche region (Italy)

L. Kamarád, W. Gabauer, G. Bochmann (AT)
Challenges in the full scale operation of industrial and municipal biogas plants

J. Sprafke, N. Engler, Q. Thabit, M. Nelles, A. Schüch (DE)
Increasing the base load capacity of biowaste fermentation plants by optimised substrate management

V. Pallier, G. Feuillade-Cathalifaud, M. Tcha-Thom, E. Koledzi, G. Baba (FR)
An integrated approach for valorization of pineapple waste into biogas

F. Ardolino, G. Colaleo, U. Arena (IT)
Thermochemical and biochemical exploitation of biowaste: an LCA study