Emerging contaminants in landfill leachate

SESSION B8 / CENTRAL HALL 2 / 11:10 - 12:50
Emerging contaminants in landfill leachate
Chair / Presidente:

H. Modin, P. Hallgren, A. Roslund, N. Törneman (SE)
PFAS in Swedish landfill leachate

N. Simmons (AU)
PFAS concentrations of landfill leachates in Victoria, Australia – Implications for discharge of leachate to sewer

S. Harrad, D. Drage, M. Sharkey, H. Berresheim (UK)
Concentrations of polybro-minated diphenyl ethers, hexabromocyclododecane, and perfluoroalkyl substances in landfill leachate from Ireland

M. Van Praagh, B. Liebmann (SE)
Microplastics in landfill leachates in Iceland, Finland and Norway

F. Garbo, A. Pivato, B. Manachini, M.C. Lavagnolo (IT)
Assessment of the ecotoxicity of phytotreatment substrate soil as landfill cover material for in situ leachate management

N.M. Lanzarini, R.M. Mata, C.F. Mannarino, J.C. Moreira, M.P. Miagostovich (BR)
Detection and quantification of viruses in solid waste landfill leachate