Methane oxidation in biofilters and biocovers

SESSION B7 / CENTRAL HALL 2 / 09:00 - 10:40
Methane oxidation in biofilters and biocovers
Chair / Presidente: P. Kjeldsen (DK)

R. Rosendal, H. Rolsted, O. Elmose (DK)
Mitigation of methane emissions in an active biofilter system at Glatved landfill, Denmark

D. Huang, L. Yang, Q. Xu (CN)
Methane-oxidizing capacities of biochar-amended landfill cover soil

M. Kriipsalu, K-.M. Pehme, K. Orupõld, V. Kuusemets, M. Truu, J. Truu, H. Nõlvak (EE)
Performance of methane degradation layer of Kudjape landfill during the four years following to the closure

J. Gebert, C. J. W. Van Verseveld, H. P. W. Blom, T. J. Heimovaara (NL)
Effect of compaction and moisture on gas diffusivity and conductivity of soils for use in methane oxidation systems

L. Fjelsted, A. G. Christensen , J. E. Larsen, P. Kjeldsen, C. Scheutz (DK)
Biofiltration of dilute landfill gas in an active loaded open bed compost filter

10:40 - 11:10 Coffee break