Landfill gas emission monitoring

SESSION B6 / CENTRAL HALL 2 / 17:40 - 19:20
Landfill gas emission monitoring
Chair / Presidente: S. Thorneloe (US)

A.R. Abedini, J. W. Atwater, K.U. Mayer (CA)
Quantifying fugitive methane emission rates from municipal landfills based on surface methane concentrations

Y.M. Kim, M.H. Park, J.Y. Kim (KR)
Correction of error-inducing factors in an UAV-based measurement system for fugitive methane emission

L. Fjelsted, A. G. Christensen, J. E. Larsen, P. Kjeldsen, C. Scheutz (DK)
Closing the methane mass balance for an old Danish landfill

G. Draughon, J. Lynch, D. Zekkos, S. O’Laughlin (US)
Development of an autonomous flux chamber for continuous methane measurements at MSW landfills