Landfill characterization and monitoring

SESSION B3 / CENTRAL HALL 2 / 09:00 - 10:40
Landfill characterization and monitoring
Chair / Presidente: T. Matsuto (JP)

I. Isunza Manrique, D. Caterina, E. Van De Vijver, G. Dumont, F. Nguyen (BE)
Assessment of geophysics as a characterization and monitoring tool in the dynamic landfill management (DLM) context: opportunities and challenges

D. Caterina, I. I. Manrique, C. Inauen, A. Watlet, B. Dashwood, R. De Rijdt, G. Dumont, J. Chambers, F. Nguyen (BE)
Contribution of geophysical methods to the study of old landfills: a case study in Onoz (Belgium)

N. Sliusar, T. Filkin, V. Korotaev (RU)
Application of unmanned aerial vehicles for solid waste landfill management

H. Chanakya, B.S. Jai Prakash, G.C. Ranganath, K. Naganna (IN)
Environment hazard scene investigation (EHSI) and emerging challenges at poorly documented dumpsites

T. Radu, R. Sreenivas, A. Mustafa, H. Albuflasa (UK)
Towards landfill monitoring in the Kingdom of Bahrain: assesment of impact

C. Bax, M. L. Voti, S. Sironi, L. Capelli (IT)
Application and performance verification of electronic noses for landfill odour monitoring

10:40 - 11:10 Coffee break