Landfill planning and design

SESSION B2 / CENTRAL HALL 2 / 18:00 - 19:40
Landfill planning and design
Chair / Presidente:

E. Huybrechts, P. Wens (BE)
Challenging landfill construction

C. Bax, M. L. Voti, S. Sironi, L. Capelli (IT)
Application and performance verification of electronic noses for landfill odour monitoring

L. Capelli, S. Sironi (IT)
Influence of modelling choices on the results of landfill odour dispersion

Y. Le Bihan, D. Loranger-King, N. Turgeon, N. Pouliot, N. Moreau, D. Deschênes, G. Rivard (CA)
Field trials on the use of alternative cover materials to control surface emissions (H2S and VOCs) at an engineered landfill

A.R. Cabral, V. Simard, M. Duarte Neto, G. Lacombe (CA)
Design, construction and monitoring of large-scale lysimeters to assess seepage through experimental final cover designs